Sunday, May 16, 2010


Lovely orange plastic stuff!

Yellow enamel lamp shades

Kartell table & Vintage Esky

On the way to pick up milk this morning, I ducked into the Oakleigh market to say hi to my friend Tania. Technically, the austerity measures implemented by the ol' ball and chain have not been lifted, but the budget surplus is looking good and one must do ones bit for the economy. Besides, it's not everyday you come across a Kartell side table for under $50 (even if it did need a new castor). I also scored the yellow enamel lamp shades (set of four), a green floral 60's beach umbrella (un-used) and the Esky was thrown in as a freebie, sweet!


  1. Great finds, I would have snapped up that Kartell side table too! :)

  2. How good is this stuff. Nice find.

  3. GAH! Jealous! I love those lamp shades so much. I've seen a kartell table at the Surry Hills market exactly the same and the guy wanted $150 for it. Gol darn! Nice work me dear! *s*

  4. they could have been mine!! except that emma slept in till 10am so i'm not complaining


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