Monday, May 17, 2010

House plants are hot!

If your house isn't full of glossy living green things right now then 'get thee to a nursery, pronto! Indoor plants would have to be one of the easiest and most affordable decorating trends to hit interiors in recent years. Bugger stuffing around with vinyl wall stickers of trees and bird cages, the real deal is a hundred times more attractive.

I picked up the terrarium for a buck at a local church fete a while ago and planted it and the out with a selection of baby ferns from bunnings and a variety of mosses from my garden. Each pot was $3.86 and I used 6 post between the terrarium and the round pot with the maiden hair fern in it.

Cheap, cheerful and easy, what's not to love!

In other gardening news, my Hyacinth bulbs have been devoured by a fuzzy green mould and will not be producing any sumptuous blooms in the near future (unless you count the fuzzy mould), back to the drawing board on that little side project.


  1. What a great find! My uncle used to make those...hmmm I wonder what happened to the one he made Mum...

  2. Indoor plants freak me out. Sorry no can do

  3. I love that terrarium in the first two photos. So pretty! You're giving me ideas...


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