Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pinning from the trenches

I've been at war, my happy little household has been under siege for the past three weeks. A grueling battle between man and disease in which the home side was quickly overrun.

Since I am finally starting to regain my equilibrium I thought I should stick my head above the trenches and see what's been going on and say hi (hopefully it wont get shot off)!

Illness is rarely conducive to creative productivity and although young miss Ada did manage to build a rather impressive dragon out of snotty tissues, (explaining that the boogies are sticky) I can not boast the same! However, I have used this down time to really get stuck into Pinterest and have been pinning away all sorts of things. It's great to see the community growing over the last few weeks and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's pin boards. If you haven't requested an invite to Pinterest yet, do so here. If you're already rockin' it, I would love to see what you've been pinning so please leave a link to you're home page in the comments and you can follow my pins here!

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