Tuesday, May 18, 2010

High Fives with Pip

1. Vintage Art Prints. I have a very large collection of these gem's, this one is my favourite.

2. Art my Mum made. this baby is getting the royal treatment soon with an acid bath to remove the mould blooms and a super duper frame.

3. Wooden Head. Heavier than a tonne of bricks and smoother than a baby's butt. I love this guys features.

4. This sneak peak over at design sponge, just lovely!

5, Pinterest, eagerly awaiting my invite so I can get story boarding all ready!!! This site is absolutely the next big thing in image curation!


  1. I love love love #1 & #2 as well - your mum made that? What a talented lady!

    I'm all excited about pinterest as well - I can't wait to get stuck into it!

    xo Francesca

  2. Love all of these but especially your Mum's art - lovely!

  3. What a wonderful artwork by your Mum. Is it a painting or a print? Thanks for the heads up about Pinterest too I'll check it out now.

  4. Hey Caz, the work by my mum is a collage, so its very delicate. I'm not sure how it will handle the restoration process,I'm wait for the framer to get back to me....

    as for Pinterest, well I got my invite a couple of days ago and I've been busy creating some pin boards to share. Let me know when you get on so we can have a squiz!!!:)


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