Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old sheet's, young Mexicans and incredibly bonny babes

Lot's of lovely vintage sheets getting a second life

I found this little guy hanging out at Bentleigh market and he is the exact same little maracca playing man that fell off my wall some 3 months ago, fancy that (and half the price too-boot)! 

 The not so wee fella catching some shut eye.

'Tis been a busy week in Casa del Pickersgill, with toilet training, 'big girl' bed's, plenty of appointments, lot's of bargain hunting and some very industrious crap culling (in-spite of the bargain hunting). 

Ada is moving from her toddler bed to a lovely antique wrought iron number so I have been busy sewing a fancy smanchcey quilt cover and making various preparations for the momentous occasion.

Freddy had his three month check with the maternal child health nurse and he is officially a giant! Turns out that all those bowls of ice cream haven't been going to my hips but his. At 7.5 kg he has more than doubled his birth weight and I'm debating about whether of not to change his name to Gulliver (or I might just take to calling him 'Big Friendly' Freddy).  

And Moi, well I joined the lemming parade and got an iphone and have disturbingly found myself playing with 'apps' in the middle of the night while I'm feeding, such a fun novelty......


  1. LOVE that pile of vintage sheets - I'm drooling over here! Oh and your baby is pretty cute too :)

  2. same re iphone!! the best thing ever. How did i get by before? loving the pimped up blog btw


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