Sunday, February 7, 2010


While I may dream of Mark Tuckey tables and Phillipe Stark chairs, my budget would barely stretch to a package deal from Fantastic Furniture. If my family and I are ever to afford that elusive first home then all our pennies must be counted and budgets adhered too.

In the meantime this frustrated decorator occupies herself with scouring markets, digging in op-shops and occasionally joining the thousands of other junk rats in a midnight drive to root through some unsuspecting persons hard rubbish.

Welcome to curbside style, a blog dedicated to the art of second hand living.


  1. Am keenly awaiting further installments...

  2. Recycling used goods is both ecologically and financially a winner. I look forward to reading of your exploits and seeing some creative ideas.

    I am a bit of a steampunk fan, so this fits right in with me.



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