Thursday, December 16, 2010

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I've been avoiding putting up Christmas decorations for weeks because frankly, I am not the most vigilant of mothers and Freddy is a most adventurous lad with a penchant for placing perfectly round, chokey sized things in his mouth and other orifices. Ada was getting a bit fed up with me and kept making her own decorations to cheer the place up a bit, so yesterday while she was at Crèche I set about making some Christmas bling that the youngest lion fruit couldn't asphyxiate himself on.

BEHOLD a flat Christmas tree wall hanging with appliqué, problem solved!.

I used cookie cutters as my templates for the decorations and just cut the Christmas tree shapes by hand out of some artist canvas. I sewed the tree bits to the big flat bit, frayed the edges of the tree and ran some bias tape down the sides of the whole thing. on went the appliqués, a couple more seems at the top and bottom to run a couple of dowels through and BAM, Flat Christmassy goodness of the non chokey variety!


  1. Well, frankly, my dear Estelle, I think it was worth the wait for that delightful tree.

    I think it's marvellous.

    I think Freddy would have to have some gob if he were able to wrap his laughing gear around that piece of creativity.

  2. i'm impressed. must get ada round to decorate my place

  3. MMMC, your good opinion is always welcome in this blog house!

    Miss Cinti, you know that can be arranged........

  4. Wow - that's lovely! Clever you!! I also like the pom pom.

  5. I think this is the tree I wanted to make... we've just got cardboard over here! I think it's lovely...

  6. I adore it. It says it all. Who needs all the OTT Christmas decorations anyway. It's such a simple, stylish solution. Love the colours and the shapes too. Very clever! Pruxxx P.S. What did the kids think? Did it get approved? Will it be enough for dear old Santa? Px

  7. Wonderful! Merry Christmas Estelle. May your and your family have a stellar Christmas Day and a truly joyful New Year. Cheers!


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