Wednesday, December 8, 2010

dog days

I have a stray dog in my backyard, an excitable little brindle thing with short legs and a head shaped like a pumpkin. I shouldn't have a dog in my backyard, my yard should be dog free. Norman is at the vet's becoming a eunuch and, while I was quite looking forward to not having to pick up dog poo for a day, things never pan out quite the way you plan do they? This dog was making himself quite at home until about an hour ago when he started vigorously dry humping my leg; now he's outside looking at me rather forlornly through the back windows. I took a picture but dogs with heads shaped like pumpkins do not make for particularly attractive subjects.  Thankfully 'pumpkin head' has a tag with his owners phone number on it, now I just have to brave the vigorous dry humping to get close enough to call. At least Norman won't be in the mood for dry humping when he gets home.


  1. Such a romantic story of suburbia!

    Poor, sore Norman ... who's no more a man.

  2. I hope you contacted 'Pumpkin Head's' owners. I'd love to see a photo of him. He sounds like a character!! The 'ugly but interesting' type. Pruxxx

  3. Norman has an air of mystery about him! Will we ever get to meet him, I wonder? Like your china dashund, though!


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