Saturday, July 3, 2010

tiny digs for little kids

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 Miss Ada is turning three at the end of the month and has her little heart set on a dolls house (yay!). I found a natural timber house at a local Op shop last week, very similar in shape to the vintage Lundby but without any decoration or furniture. It's in perfect condition but is completely bare and will require a complete fit out. Wallpaper, carpet, paint, furniture and a family all need to be found in the next 3 weeks. I find myself in home renovation mode on a miniature scale.
Doll housing (or what ever you call it)  is apparently a very serious business with many die hard collectors out there prepared to pay large sums of money for very tiny things. I do not have large sums of money (being of the stay at home, single income variety) and so have no intention of paying $50 for a replica Panton chair, I do however have a sewing machine and a glue gun. 

I figure as a starting point I should write a list of all the basics, fridge, bath, beds, tv etc and work out what I can make myself and what I will need to buy. I haven't set myself a theme, it seems a bit contrived to do that for a three year old, but I would like to keep things as handmade and 'folksy' s possible. 

I would love to hear any suggestions or ideas, leave us a comment!

Now... where did that box of matches go?


  1. There was something on Better Homes and Gardens not so long ago about making furniture for dolls houses. Not sure if it's the sort of thing that you're looking for but might have some good ideas.

  2. our dollhouse as kids was made by mum and dad. Shag carpeting cut into a circle rug was left over faux fur. Flowers were made from a plasticine/fimo type product. Pillows were squares of felt blanket stitched at the edges and paintings on the walls were cut out photos or magazine pictures with a matchstick or paddlepop stick frame.

    Good Luck!

    Maybe these could be your little dolls? I love making dolls house things... I'll try and think of some more ideas for you!

  4. Wow Stella, those dolls are really cute. The teeny stitching is very teeny indeed. Ive found some lovely little unpainted wooden dolls on etsy I might turn my hand to, it's all about time at the moment and I'm keenly aware of adding things to my 'list' that never get finished.
    CurlyPops, that link is really helpfull, thank you.
    Susan, I'm loving the rug and the picture ideas, keep em comming!


  5. hi Estelle,

    I've been considering trying to copy the "fold up cardboard" furniture from the MoMA dollhouse below:
    (but I haven't actually started yet, and I have only 1 1/2 weeks to go - luckily our dollhouse is just a 3 room apartment!)


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