Friday, September 10, 2010


I feel a touch like the Mad Hatter lately, yelling Changes Places! and watching the ensuing chaos as rooms are moved around, stuff painted, kids rooms swapped and then swapped back again.
As Freddy gets older and more mobile, baby proofing is becoming increasingly difficult and it's changing the way we live in our house and use the space. We're lucky to have the luxury of space, but just because you have it doesn't always mean you use it effectively and so I am trying to find a layout that will work for both kids and adults alike.
I've found it increasingly difficult to find time to conceive and create anything other than children (and the odd drama) recently and so I'm hoping that with a little creative planning I will emerge from the reshuffle with a studio space all of my own. I will of course have to share it with the spare bed and my husbands verdant and rather eclectic collection of literature, but this is a relatively small concession for what will be a mostly dedicated art space.
To make this happen we will be moving and painting all weekend. A bit of elbow grease and a sea of paint should see the spare room/library/place to hide unfolded laundry transformed from what looks like a room at a boarding house (complete with smoke stained walls) into a hopefully fresh and bright, modern-ish boudoir for the hubby and I ..........hopefully.

Ill take some before and after shots for a bit of show and tell later on :)

but for now, Change Places!


  1. Painting all round then this weekend - we're doing our living space and bathroom! I can't wait to see your before and afters!! Have fun ;)

  2. Good luck with your painting and rearranging. Having a little place of your own for creativity will be wonderful. Have fun!

  3. hoorah! i do love a good swap around, it's like moving house, with less boxes. I have even been known to make scale outlines on graph paper to try furniture combos.. but that may just be me.
    Good luck!
    Pepper x


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